Ideas For Romantic Candles For Valentine's Day

Published: 04th February 2011
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A red glowing candle in a room gives a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. However now is the time to be thinking about that romantic day that is fast approaching! If the reason has still not struck you yet, let me give you a hint - the love season, yes! Valentine's Day!

What a romantic way to prove your love to your partner and make a difference, than to create a romantic atmosphere with your own lovingly made red candles?

There is no doubt that red candles are a symbol of love and devotionthat can bring about that feeling of togetherness between two people. Red candles symbolize energy, passion for life and festivity. The red glow from the candle can create a wonderfully warm and intimate ambience for your romantic Valentine's Day occasion.

Discover these ideas for making candles for Valentine's Day:

Floating candles:

These are the favourites and heart-shaped floating candles are just delightful in an effort to make your romantic night more passionate. These candles look exciting when they are floating inside your bathtub, or so romantic in a bowl as the table centerpiece.

Tea lights:

These candles are burned by almost everyone nowadays. You could make red tea light candles and put them inside a red glass bowl for a romantic effect.

Pillar candles:

Red pillar candles look fantastic and these candles are really easy to make and do not require any effort in decoration.

Votive candles:

These small candles are usually perfumed and when lit in groups, they create a fantastic effect and quite the romantic night. Perfumed red votive candles can be used throughout the house on Valentine's Day.

Red Gel candles:

Red wine glass gel candleswill look great and be perfect for a Valentine's Day theme. These red gel wine glass candles can create a mesmerizing effect and stunning beauty.

Time to start planning, get organized and start working out which red candles to make for Valentine's Day - yourspecial day with your loved one.


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