Candle Making Home Businesses Can Be Run Effectively, Learn How

Published: 08th February 2011
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A candle making home business is ideal for the person who enjoys craft, has a creative flair and seeks perfection in their work. It is a hobby that is fast becoming a home business because it is cost effective and also a very popular product. Working a home business does take some determination to get it up and running because there are so many initial steps to take before actually getting out there selling candles and usually people turning a hobby into a business, love doing what they do and tend to neglect the actual running of the business.

Often I have heard small business owners complain about their time management because they find in a craft business that they just run out of time and I fully understand this as I have 'been there, done that.' This is often caused because the owner tends to work on making product (let's face it they love doing that) and does not put sufficient time aside to manage the business.

Essentially two reasons account for this and one is that the owner is doing something they like (making candles) and therefore prefers to do it rather than the jobs that aren't so enjoyable, like book-keeping and marketing.

When making products for a business, time always seems to be at a premium to get product made and ready for sale.

Understanding management problems

Basically there are two problems that home business owners of all descriptions have trouble dealing with on a regular basis:

Financial management

• Not keeping up with their financial figures on a weekly basis • balancing the books

• planning ahead for selling seasons like Christmas • planning to cover the cost of making stock in advance

Marketing a home based business

Not giving enough thought to marketing their product. One snippet of advice that I heard and which I so feel is good advice for home business owners, is to spend one hour every day marketing your business.

The crunch of being successful with a small business comes down to 3 critical aspects: marketing, marketing and marketing. And this is even more relevant to a home based business which does not have a 'store front' so to speak.

If the public does not know about your products then you cannot sell them, even though they may be absolutely beautiful.

Marketing of a business like candle making includes many things, but also presentation, packaging and telling and showing people your product. All these areas of marketing your business need to be addressed regularly to become successful.

Small business owners find it difficult doing all the jobs required of them but initially they may have to until they can afford to employ someone to do the jobs that they do not like doing or which they are not so competent at. All areas of operating a small business need to be addressed and a candle making home business is no different. If there are certain areas of running a small business that you are not good at, or do not like, don't ignore it, find someone to do it for you.


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